Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin beers have a history dating back to colonial times. Quality malt was difficult to find in those days and it is even rumored that several founding fathers were known to brew beer with pumpkin.


Picnic™ is an English Summer Ale and is a lighter version of a classic pale ale. It retains the wonderful flavors and aromas of British pale ale malt and hops, while using a significant portion of wheat for a lighter body and crisp finish.

Nut Brown Ale

Style - English-style brown ale
Origin - Northern England
OG - 1.052
IBU - 23
ABV - 5.6%
Color - 37L
Yeast - Ballantine Ale (1056)

Blackstone Nut Brown Ale was designed by Blackstone brewmaster Dave Miller. It is light on the pallet, caramel brown in color with medium bodied and a nutty, smooth toasty finish.


Style - American Pale Ale
Origin - United States
OG - 1.049
IBU - 33
ABV - 5.3%
Color - 11L
Yeast - Ballantine Ale (1056)
Blackstone A.P.A. was a collaborative effort between Blackstone brewmaster Dave Miller, brewmaster Harry Klausner and co-founder Kent Taylor. Kent’s sons Charles and Adam also had a major role in the development of this beer. (O.G. 1.049 IBUs 33)

Chaser Pale

Style - Kölsch
Origin - Cölogne, Germany
OG - 1.047
IBU - 18
ABV - 5.2%
Color - 4L
Yeast - Ballantine Ale (1056)
Chaser Pale® is based on the homebrew recipe of co-founder Kent Taylor and updated by Blackstone brewmaster Dave Miller. The name comes from co-founder Stephanie Weins’ son Chase. Chaser Pale® is an all malt beer that is blonde in color, light on the pallet and true to the Kölsch style.

St. Charles Porter

Style - Brown Porter
Origin - England
OG - 1.054
IBU - 34
ABV - 5.8%
Color - 58L
Yeast - Ballantine Ale (1056)

St. Charles Porter® is based on the homebrew recipe of co-founder Kent Taylor and named after his son Charles. The flavors of this beer meld together to create a full-bodied “little piece of heaven”. Our most decorated beer and now the most decorated brown porter in the history of the Great American Beer Festival! (O.G.-1.056 IBUs-34